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Let Harmony Ponds, Inc. help you transform your yard from a place you love to a place you’ll never want to leave.



We can help from design to maintenance, ensuring your pond or water feature will be attractive for years to come.



We offer year-round maintenance to keep your property looking great, or if you just want spring and fall clean-up assistance, we’re here to help.


our Maintenance service

We Are A Full Maintence Service

Harmony Ponds, Inc. offers maintenance solutions for all types of water features and we tailor our maintenance programs to meet the specific needs of each customer.

As spring and fall each approach, our experienced staff provides seasonal opening and closing services.

Filtration Systems

Harmony Ponds, Inc. specializes in the design/installation and maintenance of pump and filtration systems.

Pump Systems

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We design, install and maintain pumping systems for rural blocks, landscape, ovals, golf courses, farms, commercial buildings and industrial sites

Monitoring & Controlling

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Technology today allows us to control and monitor any irrigation system. We have helped many commercial projects save thousands using our recomended control systems.

Pond Filter Maintenance

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If your pond has a filtration system, chances are it will need periodic servicing and cleaning to ensure your pond water stays clear. We provide an expert maintenance service for all your pond equipment, including filters, pumps and aeration to ensure the systems that keep your pond water clean and clear and maintain a healthy water balance for fish and other wildlife.

Water Treatments

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Harmony Ponds, Inc. experts can help you with water treatments using both chemical balancing and natural filtration methods for both new ponds to avoid that ‘new pond syndrome’ and also established ponds that need a little help with eco-balancing for optimum water quality and healthy fish.

Lake Water Quality

Harmony Ponds, Inc. provides a full range of equipment and services for lake and drainage pond water quality management.

Sustainable Lake Solutions

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Bottom diffused aeration , nutrient reduction treatments, watershed management, homeowner education. We use these and other environmentally responsible approaches to bring about long-term solutions

Wetland & Preserves

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Wetlands act as a filter to improve water quality , provide habitat for fish and wildlife, provide shoreline stabilization and improve aesthetics.

Healthier Fisheries Management

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Many lakes and ponds need help to sustain healthy fish populations. Outside pressures including non natural competition, and lack of habitat hinder populations. We have solutions!

Aquatic Aeration

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Harmony Ponds, Inc. offers the most advanced lake aeration systems that pump compressed air through bottom diffusers creating total water column circulation for better aquatic plant and fish management.

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When Harmony Ponds, Inc. starts a project they commit themselves to get it done in the timeliest manner as possible

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At Harmony Ponds, Inc. we are still your affordable, reliable and enthusiastic ponds and garden experts

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We strive to assure our clients real value for their dollar at a profit sufficient to provide for the well being of their employees

Home, Commercial, Maintenance, You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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